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Journal of Aircraft 2015 Subject Index

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    In the Subject Index, pages 2106–2112, each technical paper is listed under a maximum of three appropriate headings. Note the locating number in boldface type preceding each paper title, and use that number to find the paper in the Chronological Index. The Author Index, pages 2113–2115, lists all authors associated with a given technical paper. The locating numbers are identical to those in the Subject Index. The Chronological Index, pages 2116–2122, also lists all papers by their locating numbers. This listing contains titles, authors and their affiliations, and volume, issue number, and page where the paper appeared. It also gives the AIAA paper number, if any, on which the article was based. Comments, Replies, and Errata are listed directly beneath the paper to which they refer. If the paper to which they refer was published prior to 2010, that paper also will appear in both the Subject and Chronological Indexes. Authors of Comments also are listed in the Author Index.