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Displacement Control of Nonlinear Pin-Jointed Assemblies Based on Force Method and Optimization

Published Online:

The geometry of the structure and internal bar forces under varying service load situations or prestressing actually impact on the structure’s serviceability. Or else, prestressed cable structures are defined by the joint locations and delicate to external stimuli due to their high flexibility and light weight, and the shape distortion is supposed unacceptable. Consequently, based on the force method, the displacement control through updating coordinates of the structure and optimization on the form of quadratic programming is suggested to attain the nonlinear displacement control (NDC) of the geometrically nonlinear systems (including prestressed cable structures). The technique preserves the prestress level in the structural bar elements to any level required. The proposed method has been compared with other prior NDC techniques corresponding to the requirements. It shows that the computational results of the current approach are in good response with the previous NDC techniques. The method can exactly achieve the target values without any significant errors for the corresponding outcomes. Simultaneously, the technique keeps the prestress level of the structural members to the targeted level. The proposed approach technique also proved to control both small and large displacement without any remarkable error.