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Parametric Roll Maneuverability Analysis of a High-Aspect-Ratio-Wing Civil Transport Aircraft

AIAA 2020-1191
Session: Flight Dynamics of Highly Flexible Aircraft
Published Online:

Next-generation civil transport aircraft may take advantage of high-aspect-ratio wings for lower induced drag. However, these high-aspect-ratio wings are very flexible and may degrade aircraft roll maneuverability. This paper analyzes the roll maneuverability of a high-aspect-ratio-wing civil transport aircraft derived from a contemporary configuration with regular wing aspect ratio. Roll maneuverability is analyzed using the University of Michigan's Nonlinear Aeroelastic Simulation Toolbox for capturing geometrically nonlinear effects in the aircraft aeroelastic response and their influence on the flight dynamic response. Results for parametric variations of wing stiffness and mass distributions are presented to discuss design guidelines for improving roll maneuverability in aircraft with high-aspect-ratio wings.