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The dynamics of inertial particles in under-expanded jets: A numerical study

AIAA 2020-1327
Session: Multiphase Flows II
Published Online:

Despite decades of progress towards understanding and modeling the dynamics of inertial (heavy) particles suspended in turbulent flows, much less attention has been made to flows with significant gas-phase compressibility. In this work, three-dimensional Eulerian–Lagrangian simulations of particle-laden under-expanded jets are performed to study the dynamics of inertial particles in compressible flows. The simulation configuration is guided by a companion experimental study: The dynamics of inertial particles in underexpanded jets: An experimental study. The gas-phase equations are solved in a high-order, energy stable finite difference discretization. An immersed boundary method combined with a levelset approach is employed to model the nozzle geometry. Particles are injected within the nozzle with velocity sampled from a random Gaussian distribution informed by high-speed imaging in the companion experiment and diameters sampled randomly from a lognormal distribution. The focus of the present work is on the ability of existing drag models to capture particle dynamics through a series of compressions and expansions (Mach diamonds).