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Effect of Target Lift Coefficient on Aerodynamic Optimization of Transonic Leading Edge Tubercles

AIAA 2020-1542
Session: Bio-Inspired Aerodynamics
Published Online:

Leading edge tubercles have shown to delay stall on subsonic speeds and modify shockwave behaviour at transonic speeds. However, limited knowledge exist to date on the effects of leading edge tubercles in transonic flow. This work explores the aerodynamic shape optimization of the tubercles shape at a freestream flow velocity of Mach 0.82 subject to a target lift coefficient. Results of the optimization effort solving Euler equations shows that a power function shaped tubercle geometry with a specific amplitude and wavelength creates significant cross-flow from the pressure differential between peak and valleys. This reduces the strength of the shockwave and leads to an increase in aerodynamic efficiency up to 15.0%, a decrease in pitching moment up to 15.9%, while suffering minor losses in lift curve slope capability.