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Mechanical Characterization and Brittle Failure of Stony Meteorite (Aba Panu) using Digital Image Correlation

AIAA 2021-0169
Session: Testing and Characterization II
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Meteorites provide the best insight into the mechanical properties of asteroids, hence, characterization of meteorites is important to understand and model their mechanical response and failure. In this study, we have investigated the Aba Panu (L3) meteorite using uniaxial compression tests along with an in-situ full-field 3D digital image correlation (DIC) system, capable of capturing strain evolution during mechanical testing to determine elastic modulus and to examine the crack initiation sites and the failure mode. Samples were cut from an Aba Panu stone to characterize the microstructural and mechanical properties. Density and porosity were measured before the quasi-static compression testing. Phase size and distribution for different chondrules and minerals were calculated from the electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) data. Under a compressive state of stress, Aba Panu meteorite samples failed at an average failure strain of 0.82% at ultimate strength. Average compressive strength at failure was measured to be 438.4 MPa with a standard deviation of 77.5 MPa. DIC analysis of displacement and strain field located the region of maximum deformation and identified crack initiation sites and the failure mode. A simple microstructure based representative volume unit was developed to model the mechanical response using Dream 3D software. The results of the FE analysis were confirmed using DIC measurements.