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Application of a Distributed Control Approach to an Aerial Swarm with a Misbehaving Vehicle

AIAA 2021-0647
Session: Advances in Feedback Control Architectures for Autonomous Systems III
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We have recently studied multiagent systems in the presence of a misbehaving agent. Specifically, consider a multiagent system having floating and driver agents, where the former agents update their states by communicating with their local neighbors and the latter agent also exchanges local information with its neighboring agents and receive an external input. In this setting, we proposed a proportional-integral controller in the driver agent for suppressing the undesired effect resulting from the misbehaving agent to the rest of the system [1]. The contribution of this paper is to provide an experimental study of [1] on an aerial swarm in the presence of a misbehaving vehicle with the proposed approach for demonstrating its feasibility and efficacy in a real-world setting.