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Time-Parallel Scalable Solution of Periodic Rotor Dynamics for Large-Scale 3D Structures

AIAA 2021-1079
Session: Special Session: CREATE HPC Multi-Physics VI
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This paper presents the application of a Modified Harmonic Balance method --- a scalable and parallel in time algorithm for large-scale three-dimensional periodic rotor dynamics. The method is integrated in a three-dimensional rotor aeroelastic solver X3D and applied to a UH-60A-like fully articulated rotor, and the NASA Tilt Rotor Aeroacoustic Model (TRAM) proprotor. The predicted airloads are validated with flight and wind tunnel test data at low-speed transition with wake induced impulsive airloads. The new harmonic balance solver is implemented on a hybrid -- shared and distributed memory architecture and tested for convergence, scalability, and efficiency. The new solver converges toward a time-accurate solution with an order of magnitude speed up, and a performance of nearly 1 teraFLOPS. The significance of this conclusion is that the barrier of computational time for using high-fidelity three-dimensional structures for efficient trim solution can be overcome with the modified harmonic balance method demonstrated in this paper.