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Correlations Between UM/NAST Nonlinear Aeroelastic Simulations and the Pre-Pazy Wing Experiment

AIAA 2021-1712
Session: Special Session: Progress of the 3rd Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop Large Deflection Group
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The Third Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop Large Deflection Group is invested in validating computational models to analyze geometrically nonlinear wings. The effort is based on the Pazy wing, a wind-tunnel aeroelastic benchmark developed at the Technion---Israel Institute of Technology. To consolidate the techniques for testing the Pazy wing, the Technion developed a preliminary experimental model named the Pre-Pazy wing. This paper assesses the accuracy of a low-order, geometrically exact beam model with potential-flow aerodynamics of the Pre-Pazy wing against results from a built-up finite element model and experimental data. The Pre-Pazy wing low-order model is developed in the University of Michigan's Nonlinear Aeroelastic Simulation Toolbox, a multidisciplinary framework for analyzing aircraft with very flexible wings. The correlations show that the low-order model of the Pre-Pazy wing captures its frequencies and static response with accuracy comparable to the built-up finite element model while requiring only a fraction of the degrees of freedom.