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Preliminary aerodynamic design and load calculation of a long-range eVTOL aircraft

AIAA 2022-1331
Session: Airfoil/Wing/Configuration Aerodynamics I
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This study presents a method for modelling the aerodynamic performance of a tandem wing long-range eVTOL aircraft at an early design stage. This procedure is applied to the design of the Wigeon eVTOL which has a tandem wing configuration with open rotor distributed propulsion. The proposed method evaluates the effect of multiple design variables on the aerodynamic performance of the eVTOL, which can then be used in multidisciplinary optimization frameworks. Firstly, the design of the wing planform is discussed, followed by the procedure for airfoil selection. Then, an analysis of the performance of the lifting surfaces is presented, in which the propeller-wing interaction and wing-wing interactions are modelled. After this the component drag method used for estimating the drag forces acting on the aircraft is discussed. An aerodynamics model used to simulate the transition flight phase of the aircraft is proposed, followed by a sensitivity analysis on relevant design variables and assumed design constants. Finally, the verification of the proposed analysis methods is outlined.