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Investigation of Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint Measurements under Background Lights and Deformation

AIAA 2022-1940
Session: Surface Measurements such as PSP, TSP, Skin Friction, and Shear Stress Sensing II
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he use of the Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paint (PTSP) in the real flight tests is of great interest to provide high spatial resolution pressure and temperature data to the airplane development. However, there are several technical challenges arising during real flight tests such as the surface deformation, (time-varying) background lights and requirement of high measurement rates when applying the conventional intensity or lifetime method initially designed for the wind tunnel tests. In this paper, two advanced lifetime PTSP methods, the single-shot lifetime method and the FLIM method, were demonstrated in the wind tunnel tests with simulating the potential technical challenges found in the real flight tests. Both methods performed well with additional background lights and model deformation. The measurement rate of both methods can be increased to several Hz, which would enable the system to provide transit pressure and temperature information during the flight conditions.