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Prediction of Sound Exposure caused by a Landing Motor Glider with Recuperating Propellers

AIAA 2023-0211
Session: Propeller, Open Rotor, and Rotorcraft Noise II
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This paper presents an approach to predicting the sound exposure on the ground caused by a landing aircraft with recuperating propellers. The noise source along the trajectory of a flight specified for a steeper approach is simulated based on measurements of sound power levels and additional parameters of a single propeller placed in a wind tunnel. To validate the measured data/measurement results, these simulations are also supported by overflight measurements of a test aircraft. It is shown that the simple source models of propellers do not provide fully satisfactory results since the sound levels are estimated too low. Nevertheless, with a further reference comparison, margins for an acceptable increase in the sound power level of the aircraft on its now steeper approach path could be estimated. Thus, in this case, a +7 dB increase in SWL would not increase the SEL compared to the conventional approach within only 2 km ahead of the airfield.