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Measurements of Surface Heating from Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition by Simultaneous Temperature-Sensitive Paint and Infrared Thermography

AIAA 2024-0667
Session: Surface Temperature and Heat Transfer Measurements
Published Online:

Temperature-sensitive paint and infrared thermography have been used for transition surface heating measurements in hypersonic wind tunnel facilities. A blowdown tunnel capable of variable Reynolds numbers was operated at Mach 6 over a Reynolds number range of approximately 2-9 million per meter, and boundary layer transition was induced on a NASA 91-6 flared cone model. Thermal effects associated with the transition were recorded simultaneously with the paint and infrared diagnostic techniques. The infrared data was used for calibration of the paint response, and the paint technique compared favorably with the infrared thermographic measurement, with heat fluxes over 7 kW/square-m detected. The paint was then applied to an ogive-flare model placed in an expansion tunnel which was also operated at Mach 6 and a Reynolds number of 3.2 million per meter over a steady-state duration of approximately 1 ms, during which the paint was sampled at 20 kHz allowing it to record several frames observing transient thermal features which could not be detected by the infrared camera’s limited 1 kHz frame rate.