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Experimental validation of Integral Boundary layer coupled with a surface vorticity solver

AIAA 2023-4314
Session: Airfoil/Wing/Configuration Aerodynamics I
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This work presents an extensive study of Integral Boundary Layer models incorporated into Inviscid surface vorticity flow solver FlightStream®. The enhanced surface-vorticity solver is shown to be capable of predicting viscous boundary layer and stall characteristics of airfoils while being computationally efficient. Simulation results obtained from FlightStream® for boundary layer characteristics, surface pressure distribution, velocity profile, flow transition points, aerodynamic forces, and moments were compared with available experimental data for two different airfoils, NACA 2412 and NACA 0012. Inviscid, as well as coupled viscous solutions, were obtained from a surface-vorticity solver for boundary layer analysis. Good agreement is observed between surface-vorticity solver results and wind tunnel data.