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Journal of Aerospace Information Systems
Editor-in-Chief: Ella M. Atkins
Frequency: Monthly
eISSN: 2327-3097

About the Journal of Aerospace Information Systems

This Journal is devoted to the dissemination of original archival research papers describing new theoretical developments, novel applications, and case studies regarding advances in aerospace computing, information, and networks and communication systems that address aerospace-specific issues. Topics include aerospace systems and software engineering, verification and validation of embedded systems, uncertainty quantification, the field known as ‘big data,’ data analytics, machine learning, knowledge management for aerospace systems, human-automation interaction, and systems health management for aerospace systems. Applications of autonomous systems, systems engineering principles, and safety and mission assurance are of particular interest. The Journal also features Technical Notes regarding recent innovations or applications. Papers are also sought that rigorously review the results of recent research developments. In addition to original research papers and reviews, the journal publishes articles that review books, conferences, social media, and new educational modes applicable to the scope of the Journal. Issues related to signal processing, electromagnetics, antenna theory, and the basic networking hardware transmission technologies of a network are not within the scope of this journal.

Citation Guidelines:
This journal was originally published as the Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information, and Communication. Papers published between January 2004 and December 2012 should use the old journal title in all citations; papers published in January 2013 and going forward should use the title Journal of Aerospace Information Systems for all citations.

Meet the Editors!

Journal of Aerospace Information Systems Masthead

Ella M. Atkins, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (2023)

Associate Editors
David Casbeer, Air Force Research Laboratory (2024)
Han-Lim Choi, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2025)
Jean-Baptiste Jeannin, University of Michigan (2025)
Mykel Kochenderfer, Stanford University (2024)
Tim McLain, Brigham Young University (2024)
Natasha Neogi, NASA Langley Research Center (2024)
Daniel Selva, Texas A&M University (2026)
Christoph Torens, DLR, Institute of Flight Systems (2023)
Peng Wei, George Washington University (2023)

Editorial Advisory Board
Stephen Boyd, Stanford University
Fu-Kuo Chang, Stanford University
Eric Feron, Georgia Institute of Technolgy
Jiawei Han, University of Illinois
R. John Hansman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kalmanje Krishna Kumar, NASA
Paul D. Nielsen, Software Engineering Institute
Amy Pritchett, Pennsylvania State University
John Tracy, The Boeing Company

Past Editors
Lyle Long (2004-2007)
Michael Hinchey (2007-2012)
Ashok Srivastava (2012-2017)

AIAA President
Laura J. McGill

Chair, Publications Committee
Jacqueline Antonia O’Connor

Vice President, Product Operations
Michele Dominiak

Director, Publications Strategy and Acquisitions
David Arthur

Senior Manager, Journal Operations
Karina V. Bustillo